Catch a ferry for the Asean

Singapore, a city which is famous for its commercial hubs, British colonial aspects, Formula 1 Grand Prix Race and also the tourists destinations around the city. This city country is also known for its glitz, glamour and style.

However, there is another thing that this country city is quite famous for. It is so famous that maybe you might even know about it from before! The ferry is the thing we are talking about.

Singapore is a heartland for Ferries, as the country plays host to various ferry service providers and is also home to many ferry stations. And, with these ferries, you can actually get a ferry ride from Singapore to various other destinations in the Asean region.


Yes, apart from intra-country and city services, some ferry companies also provide inter city and country ferry services to all tourists and locals. So, if you are willing to take a ride from Singapore to any other country, then the ferries can become your best option.

The ferry terminals in Singapore:

Since Singapore is a place for catching ferries, you will see that the city has various different ferry ports. Mainly, there are 3 different ports in the city of Singapore; these are of course the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, the Harbour Front Terminal and the famous Changi Ferry Terminal.

The different terminals are mainly made because specific destinations are connected by the individual ferry ports. For example, the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal connects specifically to the Bintan port and the Harbour Port is for the ferries that sail to the Batam Island. Of course, both places are actually in Indonesia.

What are the destinations for you?

In terms of ferry destinations, Singapore has various routes for you. Apart from the 2 destinations mentioned above in Indonesia, Singapore also offer routes to Malaysia and specifically to the port of Tanjung Belungkor which is in the area of Desaru, Johor region.

The ferries to Johor can be hailed from the Changi international ferry terminal. You can always book a ticket right at the ferry terminal itself; however thanks to the rush, you will seldom get the current tickets for your desired destination. That’s why many people opt for advance booking over the internet as many ticket selling firms have their websites over the web.


You can pre-book easybook ferry to batam and select your ferry from the net and easily beat the rush. This is also a very convenient service for the foreigners as they cannot book their tickets physically. Besides this, the whole ferry ride moment is also quite appealing for all, as the waters are quite tranquil and clear during or from any journey to Singapore.

So, what are your waiting for, hurry up, explore the Asean cities by booking tickets of ferries from Singapore.

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